The Bluesdockings (Quintet) at the famous "Bulls Head" in Barnes, London 2012
The Bluesdockings (Quintet) at the famous "Bulls Head" in Barnes, London 2012


Founded in Austria in late 2005 by drummer David Hippel the Bluesdockings have been on the scene now for more than a decade.

After a few years of success in their home country they relocated to London making waves on the British blues scene while playing famous venues like the Bull's Head in Barnes and working with many renowned Blues Players of the UK.
A Germany-based period followed before in 2016 they finally got back to their roots geographically as well as musically.

So nowadays they are based in southern Austria between Mozart's birthplace in Salzburg and Mahler's composing-hideaway in Carinthia. As their name suggests they're docking onto the blues by playing music that took and takes this genre a step further. Playing instrumental music somewhere in between Blue Funk, Acid Jazz, Soul and Surf Music the Bluesdockings like riding the groove to the limit. No matter whether the track is an original or a reimagined song from another genre.

Still this music somehow serves as well as background music as it works on a big stage - always making it hard to keep your feet from moving though.



David Hippel - drums, percussion

David Scharpf - keys, harmonica

Jo Matti - guitar, lapsteel, trumpet

Bostjan Copek - bass


Additional members in the past include:

"BB Clyde" Clyde Morris - guitar, vocals

Mario Marketz - guitar, vocals

Emanuele Vitale - bass

Raphael Leitner - bass, double bass

Patrick Feichtinger - bass

Federico Parodi - keys

Markus Murke - vocals